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At Batesville Christian Counseling Center our ordained and certified Pastoral Counselor offers a wide range of ministry services, including:

Anxiety Counseling  * Substance Abuse Counseling * Abusive Relationships  * Difficulty with Life Transitions * Career Issues and Job Stress * Challenges of Parenting * Depression * Family Counseling * Christian Marriage Counseling * * Christian Ministry Issues * Communication Skills * Codependency * Conflict Resolution * Budgeting Classes * Depression * Divorce Recovery * Grief Counseling * Individual Anger Management *Individual Counseling * Organizational Skills / Time Management * Pastors and Congregations in Crisis * Pastoral Consultation * Pre-Marital Counseling *Relationship Counseling * School and Social Problems * Sexual Problems in Marriage * Spiritual Issues * Trauma Recovery * Stress Management

We prayerfully desire to help you build and strengthen:

A healthy Christian and personal self identity

Healthy relationships, fulfilling marriages, and meaningful parent-child relationships

A deeper sense of meaning and Gods purpose in your existence.

Our services can help:

When feeling depressed or anxious.

When feeling misunderstood and unable to share with people you love.

When unable to accept yourself and face your circumstances.

When unable to overcome an emotional or spiritual problem that may be hindering your ability to love and trust deeply.

When having serious difficulty in relationships and/or expressing your emotions.

When you have questions about your future and vocation.

When you feel the stability of your marriage is threatened.

When you feel there is tension in your family because of an outside problem.

When you are having difficulty understanding and /or disciplining your children.

When planning for marriage or contemplating other life changing choices.

We offer these other services to our individual clients and local churches.

...Half of all marriages end in divorce and only half of those that endure are truly happy in the long run. Many happily engaged couples mistakenly believe that having known each other for a long time will make them prepared for marriage. If you just count on your romantic attachment to make your marriage a success, your odds are not so well. Our couples are encouraged to invite Jesus Christ to be not only a personal Savior, but also the third cord spoken of in Ecclesiastes 4:12. Jesus becomes an integral partner in the marriage.In times of marital difficulty due to conflict, hurt feelings, financial struggles, or even more serious problems such as infidelity, God calls each spouse within a Christian marriage to repentance and a renewed commitment to the marriage. God's Word teaches that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman that is intended to last for life. Christian marriage is based upon an unconditional commitment that takes the classic marriage vow "till death do us part" very seriously. Just a little effort now can make your marriage a lot stronger over the long run. You will want to do everything you can to ensure that your dreams of a great marriage and a great life are realized.

 ...offers one-on-one scripture based counseling to help the addict/alcoholic find their right relationship to Christ and in turn freedom from their life threatening and self destructive addictions. We use a Christ based 12 step recovery method to help him/her build a solid recovery foundation.   Addiction is a strong  bondage It is our strong belief that sobriety is not for those who need it but for those who really want it.


...A grieving person often needs a sensitive listener who’ll let them talk about what's occurred. We seek to provide reassurance that grief is the response of a healthy person capable of making an attachment, that the sharp edge of the pain will dull with time, and that the person is doing the right thing in talking about something so important, no matter when the death occurred. Here are some of the grief misconceptions we will address with you: * Don't feel bad * Replace the loss * Grieve alone, privately * Just give it time * Be strong for others * Keep busy * Time heals all wounds. The goals of Grief Recovery Work are: * To live life more fully, healthfully and joyfully * Be aware of and become capable of making more clear, appropriate personal and relationship choices * To be able to deal more effectively with the emotions associated with past losses and proactively deal with future losses when they occur * and to once again become complete and at peace. Contact us for personal one to one attention.

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