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"We Care" Partnership Program a professional inter-denominational Christian counseling service designed to assist area church ministers to better help those struggling in their congregations.

Advantages of "We Care" Partnership Program:

1. The program frees pastoral staff from the more serious counseling cases requiring large time commitments and special training.

2. The church financially helps an individual or family only when services are needed. There is no need to invest in anticipated services.

3. Clients can  usually be seen within 24 hours, if necessary, when a crisis first occurs.

4. Financial obligations would be based on a combination of the church's decision of how they can contribute to the counseling cost, and/or the client's ability to contribute to the cost of services determined by a sliding scale based on income. Generally speaking, most two income families would be able to pay for their own services and therefore do not often need a referral through the CARE Partnership Program.

5. Persons referred to us receive professional counseling from a Biblical/Christian perspective.

Administration of "We Care Partnership Program:

1. Under the "We Care" Partnership Program, those referred from designated church leaders would receive up to six sessions of counseling with us at BCCC.

2. Churches who refer individuals or families to BCCC would be billed $55.00 per session while the client would be asked to contribute a minimal co-pay. (our policy is to request some level of co-pay from our clients as we've found this encourages the client's investment in, and responsibility for their counseling process.) The client's co-pay is determined by the therapist and considers such factors as income and special circumstances. If the referring pastor or church would like to pay a larger portion of the cost, or if the client can pay a greater portion of the cost, such adjustments can be made on a case by case basis in consultation with the referring pastor.

3. Unless told otherwise, we would assume that the senior pastor of the referring church would be the designated contact person regarding case planning consultation for the referred clients.

4. The assigned counselor would encourage the client to give him/her written permission to confer with the pastor about the client's situation.

5. The agreement is in effect for individual clients or families when the pastor or his/her designate calls and informs us that the person(s) coming are under the "We Care" Partnership Program. After the pastor has verified that someone is coming in, the individual makes his or her own appointment by calling us at (662) 712-3081.

A referring church's support through offerings and/or budgetary allocation is always greatly appreciated and helps defray the cost of providing this service. If the Holy Spirit leads you to, you can donate now by clicking the donation button.

Additional Services to Churches:

1. Prevention services offered to churches by the "We Care" Partnership Program are designed to help people deal with relationships, events and/or situations in their lives in a pro-active manner. Examples of this would be our Pre-Marital Counseling services and our Addiction Counseling services.

2. We are available, with advance notice, to conduct seminars on issues related to emotional health, marriage, and family life.

3. Our staff is available to provide consultation services regarding organizational management, strategic planning and/or staff training or selection decisions.

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