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You Can Help With Your Support

Why we need your help

Batesville Christian Counseling Center is a non-profit, donor supported, professional counseling ministry.

 - Many of those served at our counseling center are uninsured and are in need of financial assistance. Through our We Care Partnership program, an income-based, sliding fee scale is available.

 - Batesville Christian Counseling Center also provides counseling services to those without any ability to pay for professional counseling.

 - Our biblical Christian counselor is a professional and receives donations for his services. He is highly educated and experienced. Some biblical Christian counselors feel they are not paid for counseling, rather they are called to keep counsel.

 - Our center is supported by donations, offerings or gifts. Most counselors try everything they can to help their clients make their services affordable.

Please pray for direction and ask God if He wants you to financially support our ministry. If this is His will for you, we will prayerfully endeavor to be the best possible stewards of your funds for ministry in the name of Christ.

Ways to Help Us

- Prayer - Please pray for our ministry, for our staff, and especially for the clients we serve.

- Cash Donations - Donations made through checks, credit cards, or cash are deeply appreciated.

Support Opportunities Online

- Consider Giving Online. PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a receipt for the full amount of your donation. 95% of your donation will be realized by Batesville Christian Counseling Center.

If the Holy Spirit leads you to, you can donate now by clicking the donations button. Please designate the type of your gift:.

One Time Gift - Monthly Pledge - or Annual Pledge

- Non-cash Donations or Estate Planning - Stock, life insurance, IRA distributions, and other retirement plan funds can be donated. These gift methods may offer significant tax advantages. Consider including Batesville Christian Counseling Center in your Will.Consult your financial advisor and/or attorney for personal advice.

Designate Your Gift

Designated gift options include:

Support of Batesville Christian Counseling Center:

 - Helps to sustain our overall ministry services; allows us the flexibility to determine area of greatest need at the time of the donation.Our ministry provides faith-based professional counseling services to the uninsured and underserved, including individuals and families of the Batesville area communities.

 - Batesville Christian Counseling Center Endowment Fund: Sustains the future mission and services of Batesville Christian Counseling Center; funds are invested with intention of providing a resource for future use in perpetuity.Undesignated Gifts will be used in area of greatest need.

For more information

Contact Rev. Jake Julian by email or phone call if you would like to discuss how you can help Batesville Christian Counseling Center sustain its mission of providing quality Christian-based counseling that offers hope, healing, and wholeness to adults, young adults, and families. Thanks and God bless you!

Rev.Jake Julian

218 College St.

Batesville MS. 38606

Call:(662) 609-5850 or email us.

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