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The mission planted in the heart of Dr. Jake Julian in 2009 was to establish Christian-based counseling services and to become partners in ministry with local pastors, churches, area Christian schools and other Christian ministries of Batesville and the surrounding northwest Mississippi area. Dr. Julian is clearly called by the Lord as a Christian counselor. He founded BCCC in Batesville in early 2010. Dr. Julian is a committed Christian counselor working at living out his faith daily in his professional and personal life.

Dr. Julian is an ordained non-denominational minister. He holds a Doctorate of Pastoral Pscyhcology from Trinity Evangelical Christian University. Dr. Julian is an acitve member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. He is a registered chaplain and a trained FEMA Crisis Response Chaplain. He serves currently as  the Executive Director of the Batesville Safe Shelter. Dr. Julian currently works at Panola Medical Center in Batesville MS. as the pastoral care coordinator. He attends Hosanna Family Worship Center in Pope MS.

"My goal is to always maintain ethical interactions while providing a respectful and caring relationship to the individuals I serve. With more then 30 years of personal recovery I have 2 and a half decades of experience working with addicts/alcoholics on substance abuse issues. I have a heart for people and work hard to help them overcome past, present, and future obstacles that hinder them from succeeding as Gods' children. I hold true these core values:

  • Every person should be respected, treated with dignity and given a safe space to explore their personal issues as they begin their healing process and quest for personal and spiritual growth.

  • I enjoy working with individuals and families and motivating them to succeed.

  • I have a strong work ethic and commitment to providing quality services supporting individuals, families and communities as they work to resolve complex issues is an important goal.

  • I have a great desire to assist my clients in reaching their potential and working with them to realize their God given strengths". ... Dr. Julian

Batesville Christian Counseling Center continues to strive to improve the quality of all its services, to work closely with local churches, pastors, ministries and Christian agencies to maintain a high quality of services.

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